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Our Family of Gourmet Products

Try our New Spicy Dill Gourmet Pickles - You asked for it, now it's here. We now offer the "Dill " version of our gourmet products for your culinary enjoyment. Remember, "Da Pickles Be Jammin."

Jar Size: 16 oz.

So, for those who prefer the taste of dill pickles, we got you covered. You can make all your favorites dishes using the dill version of our gourmet pickles with an extra kick of flavor.

After all, we found that there's two major camps of pickle lovers, those who prefer dill and those who prefer sweet with a little heat. Now both camps win.

• Mild - Spicy Dill Gourmet Pickles
• Medium - Spicy Dill Gourmet Pickles
• Hot - Spicy Dill Gourmet Pickles
• Extra Hot - Spicy Dill Gourmet Pickles

Gourmet Dill Pickles

Sweet Gourmet Pickles - Try them at your next dinner party, family or class reunion, sporting or corporate event, BBQ or picnic.

Jar Size: 16 oz.

Mild - Sweet Gourmet Pickles
You can't go wrong with this one. Everyone loves the flavor and the crunch.

Medium - Sweet Gourmet Pickles
Next, try our Medium Honey Hot Pickles for a little extra "kick" of heat.

Hot - Sweet Gourmet Pickles
Finally, for those who love a lot of heat, try our Hot Honey Hot Pickles.

Extra Hot - Sweet Gourmet Pickles
You asked for "Scotch Bonnet" hot, now it's here...proceed with caution.

Gourmet Pickles

Sweet Gourmet Relish - Try our new gourmet Relish on Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, and Deviled Eggs...it's "awesome" too!

Jar Size: 16 oz.

Mild - Sweet Gourmet Relish
We guarantee your hot dogs and deli sandwiches will never be the same again.

Medium - Sweet Gourmet Relish
Our mid-flavor relish is "awesome." Not too Mild and not to Hot.

Hot - Sweet Gourmet Relish
Just the right amount of "heat" for those who like it hot.

Extra Hot - Sweet Gourmet Relish
You asked for it, now it's here...Scotch Bonnet relish for the diehard heat lover.

Gourmet Relish
Our new Candied Jalapenos Peppers were an "instant hit."
They sell faster than we can make them.

Jar Size: 12 oz.

Candied Jalapenos Peppers
We have been flooded with rave reviews like this one:

"Ohhhh Hollie .... Your candied Jalapenos are out of this world - DELICIOUS!!  Juan Carlos and I kept saying - "ok, we'll just have one more" - but then couldn't resist another, and another -  to the point of nearly finishing the entire jar! ... Thank you!" -- Isabella, Tacaron Trading Company.

Candied Jalapeno Peppers
Save Big on Shipping Costs . . . and please allow 7-10 business days for delivery of your order. Thank you.

Save on Shipping Costs by ordering more jars…
Shipping & Handling Price List Per USPS Postal Flat Rate Boxes:

1 to 3 jars   $17.00 for Shipping & Handling.
4 to 5 jars   $22.50 for Shipping & Handling.
6 to 12 jars   $39.50 for Shipping & Handling.
13 to 16 jars   $42.50 for Shipping & Handling.
17 to 20 jars   $62.50 for Shipping & Handling.
We also offer Wholesale Pricing. Call Hollie at 770-875-0166 for more information and availability.

It's like having a party in your mouth
because "da pickles be jammin!"

We have the "best pickles this side of Heaven."

No one has our flavor. No one has our crunch.

Add Jamaican Hots Gourmet Pickles to your menu favorites...


Sub Sandwiches

Hot Dogs


Fried with Ranch Dressing


Potato Salads

Tailgate Burgers

... and your guests will love you.

Or, eat them as a snack just right out of the jar.

Redefining gourmet pickles and relish.

Download a free brochure.
Jamaican Hots, LLC
Atlanta, GA

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